"Our" Wellesley president on her successor's successor

Diana Chapman Walsh tells us about Paula Johnson:

I am thrilled that Paula will be my successor's successor in the best job in higher education. More than a job, truly, a life transforming opportunity. I know Paula sees it that way because we have been in close communication during the final phases of the search.
I have known and admired Paula for a long time and we have been casual friends, orbiting some of the same planets in the Harvard-Boston-health-women-education galaxy. She's a star and I have been encouraging her interest in pursuing a leadership role in higher education. That it would be this leadership role comes as a delight to us both. I have great confidence that she will bring the qualities of mind, heart, and character that will continue to carry Wellesley from strength to strength. She has already discovered, in the warmest of welcomes, what a wonderful time she is going to have. I look forward to cheering her on from the sidelines and to watching Wellesley rise to ever greater challenges during her presidency.

And I wish Kim all the best in the next phase of her life.

paulajohnsoninterviewThis picture shows Paula Johnson being interviewed by the two student members of the search committee that chose her as Wellesley's next president. Here are links to that interview and more: