screen-shot-2016-03-09-at-11.05.47-amHow to get your Wellesley login with minimal pain and suffering


Do you keep seeing an ugly message telling you that you must be signed in? And when you "click here" you get a login screen like the one at right? And it doesn't accept what you thought were your Wellesley login and password?

There are three fairly simple ways to deal with this. None of them will get you logged in immediately, but during business hours it could be a matter of a few minutes.

Phone:  781-283-3333. Staffed M-F, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM Eastern time.


Note: The help desk responds to your Wellesley email address, so be sure to check it or set it to forward mail. For information on doing this, click here.

Password Reset screen: Click here.
For the Password Reset screen (illustrated below), you need four pieces of information:

  • Your last name when you were a student

  • Your date of birth
  • Your class year
  • The email address the college has on file for you (the address where you receive email from the college and the class)

If you see this robot question, click in the box.