parade_front_charlie-kohnRain on our parade? No problem.

A little rain never stopped a Wellesley woman, especially if she's a member of the class of 1966.

With more than 200 of us marching (well--sauntering, dashing out to hug friends and family members on the sidelines or in other classes, then running to catch up), we were an impressive sight. And we got lots of cheers from spectators--especially from other purple classes.

parade2-mas-We have photos taken by classmates and partners. Our intrepid Photography Team was everywhere, but of course they were also marching in the parade, so we're grateful to some partners. The team of classmates consisted of Photographer-in-Chief Mary Shepard, Roberta Crumrine, Lynn Harrison, Cam Moore and Jolinda Kulli Taylor. Here's where to find them: