class-meeting-5_camOur Class Conversation 2016

What Gets Us Up in the Morning

Here is the introduction by our faciltator Eleanor Frey Counselman:

Our Class Conversation title and theme this year is “What Gets Us Up in the Morning.”

From George Vaillant’s book Aging Well:

“Play, create, learn new things and, most especially, make new friends. Do that and getting out of bed in the morning will seem a joy - even if you are no longer 'important,' even if your joints ache, and even if you no longer enjoy free access to the office Xerox machine.”

Our theme was the result of much discussion between Libbet, Tabor, and me to arrive on a Class Conversation theme that was aligned with our Reunion theme of Learning, Laughing, Loving, that seemed in keeping with our developmental stage of life, and that was broad enough to invite all our stories.

So after some joking about the obvious thing that gets us up in the morning (and usually a couple of times a night as well – and we discarded “what floats your boat” and “what puts the wind in your sails” for being too biologically evocative – we landed on “what gets us up in the morning.” We felt this theme captured a range of experience from how do we get through tough times and still manage to get up each day to the waking up each day eager to get going in the spirit of what Vaillant describes.

We have three classmates who will share some thoughts on this theme, and their experiences reflect probably characteristic of where we are in life.

The discussions in the Class Conversation are always to be treated as confidential: What is said in the Class Conversation stays in the Class Conversation. So the remainder of Eleanor's introduction and the information shared by three classmates are available only to members of the class of 1966. Log in at the top of the screen if you haven't already, and then click here.