reunionpassions_sherryhollandWellesley College Mentoring Project and 1966

A message from Sherry Holland about the Wellesley College Mentoring Project and how our class can be a part of it.

Dear Classmates,

The Wellesley College mentoring project is just getting underway. I’m writing to let you know the current status of the project and the plan going forward.


Last year, in conjunction with our 50th reunion, we started looking for ways to “give back.” After considering many “alumni civic engagement” programs, we ultimately decided that helping the college build an effective mentoring program would be a good fit for us. In conversations with students and alums, we had learned that demand for mentoring was high but structured programs didn’t exist. We felt that a good mentoring program would benefit students, alumnae and the college. Also, helping design and implement such a program was a “doable” project for us: not too grandiose, not too long-term. At the beginning of the year we talked to the college about our idea. We were told mentoring was not a priority at that time. But we weren’t discouraged from proposing the project to the class.

Current Status

Mentoring very soon became a priority for the college. In May, the joint Wellesley College Alumnae Association and Career Education services Mentor Program Working Group was created. Attached is the Charge for the group. One note, while the title of the Charge is Alumnae-Student Mentor Program Working Group, the project charge was subsequently broadened to include alumnae-alumnae mentorship. The Class of ’66 is one of the eight committee members, plus Missy Shea (WCAA) and Christine Cruzvergara (Career Education). If you were at our reunion, you heard Christine give a terrific overview of, and vision for, Career Education services. Her presentation included multiple references to mentoring. (To read Christine's remarks, click here.)

It’s a three-year project. Year 1 is design and launch. Years 2 and 3 are a pilot of the program in a few locations/clubs. The committee has had one conference call, at the end of September. Attached are the materials related to the conference call, including (1) the agenda and minutes; (2) an organization chart for Career Education services; and (3) a vision statement for the project. An in-person committee meeting is scheduled for Nov. 13-14.

Going Forward

Contact me if you’re interested in working on the mentoring project. We’ll work viritually, and ’66 classmates can work on any part of the project that interests them. In particular, Class of ’66 will head up the discussion regarding training of mentors and mentees. We'll be posting updates here on the project, so be sure to check back.

Warm regards,


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