Mini-Reunions in 2016

Happy New Year! As we prepare for mini-reunions in 2017, we can look back not only at our glorious 50th reunion, but also at some mini-reunions that followed. They spanned the seasons, from summer at the beach to a holiday lunch by a roaring fire. If you were part of a mini, send information and photos to


One mini started as soon as we left reunion! Old friends from Caz spent several days at Freya Lund Sonenstein's house on Long Island Sound.


Left: Breakfast on Freya's deck overlooking a bird-filled marsh, l to r: Freya, Mary Baughman, Marjorie Maher Kulash, Barbara Bywater Creed, Eleanor Frey Counselman, and Ellen Varmus Bloch. The empty chair next to Ellen belongs to Louise Overstreet Maley, who's behind the camera.





Right: Picnic lunch after a harbor cruise, l to r: Barbara Bywater Creed, Ellen Varmus Bloch, Eleanor Frey Counselman and Louise Overstreet Maley. That's Freya's knee at the far right.


On the weekend of October 15-16, officers from many classes and clubs attended the annual Alumnae Leadership Council on campus. Here are our class officers after one of the sessions: l to r, Linda Lohman Spence, Wellesley Fund Rep; Jeanne Lindholm Palleiko, President; in front of Jeanne, Judy Margolis Katz, Durant Gifts Chair; represented in absentia on the blackboard, Eva Youngstrom Knight, Wellesley Fund Rep; Susan Forbes Martin, Vice President; Anne Davis Kennedy, Treasurer; and Melissa Fox, Secretary.wc66-whc_msg_jph_25oct2016_2

Also in October, sculpture by Amy Bright Unfried was exhibited as part of a group show organized by the National Association of Women Artists in the Washington D.C. area. The venue was the Strathmore arts center in Maryland. Right: Winnie Hersh Coggins, Marji Siegel Greenberg and Judy Peller Hallett view one of Amy's pieces. (They also got to take tea in the elegant Mansion at Strathmore.)



November was a busy month indeed.

The 66-electionnight--1-night of November 8-9 brought alums from around the country to Wellesley for Election Night on Campus. Classmates in attendance: l to r, Roz McFarland Williams, Susan Forbes Martin, Carol Ann Brogna Hayes, Beth Kemler, Jeanne Lindholm Palleiko and Judy Foreman.

On the following Friday, November 11, alums met at the home of Avis Dimond Miller in the DC area for Shabbat dinner. Classmates who were there were Judy Mazo, Judy Peller Hallett, Marji Siegel Greenberg plus Thoda Morss Troboff,  '67 and Jane Canter Loeffler, '68. Marji emailed after the dinner: “Even if we couldn't celebrate the election of the first woman President, we could celebrate our friendship and excellent education.”



On Sunday, November 13, Boston-area alumnae gathered at the Taj Boston (the Ritz-Carlton in our day) to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Boston's Wellesley club, Wellesley College Alumnae of Boston—and '66 was there: l to r, Melinda Ponder, Susan Forbes Martin, Mary Baughman, Carol Ann Brogna Hayes, Anne Hanford and Jolinda Kulli Taylor. (There are quite a few pictures of '66 attendees on WCAB's website in the 125th Anniversary Celebration Photo Album.)



Left: A holiday lunch at the Wellesley College Club on Friday, December 16; l to r: Margaret Tilton McIndoe, Anne Hanford, Susan Forbes Martin and Melissa Fox.