oregon_depoe_bayOregon mini-reunion

A cruise on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. A stay in two adjacent beachhouses on the Oregon coast.

At the end of June, Barbara Bywater Creed, Eleanor Frey Counselman, oregon_ss_legacyFreya Lund Sonenstein, Mary Baughman, and their husbands spent a week exploring the wonders of the Columbia and Snake Rivers, from Portland to Idaho, on a Road Scholar cruise, learning about the history and geology of the region, exploring historic sites, hearing traditional stories from a Nez Perce storyteller. And enjoying each others' company 

After the cruise, Eleanor and Chuck had to return home. But the other three couples joined Ellen Varmus Bloch and Louise Overstreet Maley and her husband Terry for three days in Neskowen, Oregon, in adjacent beach houses with a magnificent view of the Pacific coast. It was a great base for exploring coastal scenery and small ports, eating wonderful seafood. And, of course, enjoying each others' company.

Mini Re_and_c_counselman_t_maleyeprise

Eleanor and Chuck headed west again in August to watch the eclipse in Jackson Hole and then to join Terry Maley in Idaho. (Louise was in Africa photographing birds and animals.)

Top photo, Depoe Bay, on the Oregon coast. Left to right, Louise Overstreet Maley, Mary Baughman, Freya Lund Sonenstein, Ellen Varmus Bloch, Barbara Bywater Creed.

Middle photo, aboard the S.S. Legacy on the Columbia River. Left to right: Freya Lund Sonenstein, Barbara Bywater Creed, Eleanor Frey Counselman, Mary Baughman.
Bottom photo, Idaho. Left to right: Eleanor and Chuck Counselman, Terry Maley.