melinda_ponderChicago club features Melinda Ponder's book talk

On Saturday, October 13, Libbet Dunlop Richter is hosting the Chicago Wellesley Club at her home, from 2:00 to 4:00. Melinda is the featured speaker, talking about her new biography, Katharine Lee Bates: From Sea to Shining Sea.

Chicago is an appropriate location. Katharine Lee Bates stopped in Chicago to see the Columbian Exposition of 1893, both before and after her summer in Colorado. She taught in the summer school at Colorado College, and she received much of the inspiration for "America the Beautiful" when she went to the top of Pike’s Peak. (No, she didn’t climb it; a tourist bus took visitors up to the top. But the inspiration was significant!) Chicago, however, also contributed to her famous song: the White City, the ideal city of the future at the exposition, inspired "Thine alabaster cities gleam/Undimmed by human tears!"

Watch for more information about the Chicago club meeting. And for a list of all Melinda's book talks, see the calendar on her website,