jane_whiteheadJane Whitehead is leading a tour of Etruscan sites in Italy 9/26-10/10

From September 26 to October 10 Jane is leading a tour through Archaeological Tours.  (If you read Archaeology magazine, you may have seen their ads.)  Here is the link to their website: http://archaeologicaltrs.com/product/Etruscan-Italy/

Below is the itinerary. If it differs from the one on the website, this is the correct one, recently provided by Jane.


Day Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner Hotel
Day 1 Travel        
Day 2

Arrival in Italy

Check-in at hotel
  Welcome and GL lecture   Rome
Day 3

Coach to Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum

Coach to Villa Giulia

Villa Giulia Museum
Day 4

Drive to Cerveteri 1hr 20 mins

Cerveteri 2 hours

08:30 – dusk; closed Mondays

Drive to Tarquinia 1 hr 

Tarquinia Museum 08:30 – 19:30 1hr 30 mins; closed Mondays
Day 5

Drive to Monterossi necropolis 15 mins

Monterossi Necropolis Tarquinia 2 hr mins 08:30 - dusk

Drive to Vulci 40 mins

Vulci daily 10:00 – 18:00 1 hr 30 mins

Drive to Siena 2hr 15 mins
Day 6

Drive to Chinaciano Terme 1hr 20 min

Chinaciano Terme museum 1 hr

Drive Sarteano 20 min

Sarteanao Tomb of the infernal Chariot, 1 hr

Visit Museum 45 min

Walk up to castle 20 min

Visit Sartenao Castle (opens form 15:00) 1 hr

Return Siena
Day 7 Siena Duomo   Free afternoon Siena   Siena
Day 8

Drive Florence 1 hr 15 min

Visit Archaeological Museum 2 hr

Drive Fioesole 30 min

Fiesole (Temple Minerva, theatre baths) Archaeology Museum 08:30- 19:00 Tues-Fri; 1 hour

Day 9 Marzobotto 0 1.45 hr drive each way.   Probably full day but free time in Florence if return in time   Florence
Day 10

Drive 2 hours to Cortona

Visit Academia Etruria 1 hr 30 min

More Cortona

Drive to Perugia 1 hr
Day 11

Perugia Archaeological Museum 08:30-19:30

Walk down Corso Vannucio see exterior Palazzo Priore and perhaps council chamber

Walk back down to coach in Piazza Partigiani though the Rocca Paolinia

Drive to Chiusi 1hr

Visit Archaeological Museum 1hr 30min

Possible visit to Tomb of Lion

Tomb of Monkey

Tomb of Pellegrina

If they are open and if there is time.  Need booking via the museum.
Day 12

Drive to Bomarzo 1 hr

Visit Park of Monsters 1hr 30min

Drive Orvieto 40 min

Campo della Fiera (Faunum Voltumane) with excavator if possible 1 hr

Drive Necopoli 5 mins

Necropoli Crossofisso del Tufo 1 hr
Day 13



Museo Faina

Museo del Duomo

Underground Orvieto
Day 14

Drive to Veii – Portonaccio Sanctuary 1hr 40min

Portonaccio Sanctuary

08:00 -14:00

Drive Rome 45 min

Free time at leisure in Rome
Day 15

Leave hotel

Drive to airport

Flights back to the US