mini_mississippi_river--1-Life on the Mississippi

This April, Barbara Bywater Creed, Eleanor Frey Counselman and Mary Baughman, and their husbands cruised the Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans, under the auspices of Road Scholar. It was a fun and informative program, and a lovely get-together for old friends. It got even better in New Orleans, where Freya Lund Sonenstein and Burt joined the group. And it continued in Fairhope, Alabama, at the Sonensteins' house near Mobile Bay. Freya is now a Master Gardener, and her garden was a wonderful place to relax, at a time when it was still winter in the northeast!

Top photo: Dinner on the riverboat. Left to right: Eleanor Frey Couselman, Chuck Counselman, Barbara Bywater Creed, Chris Creed, Roger Wallace, Mary Baughman

Botton photo: Dinner at a restaurant in Fairhope. Left to right: Barbara Bywater Creed, Eleanor Frey Couselman, Freya Lund Sonenstein, Burt SonensteinChuck Counselman, Mary Baughman, Chris Creed, Roger Wallace