mini_east_meets_westEast meets West

Three classmates from the Boston area (Sue, Susan and Susan) traveled to California for a few days of vacation and on Friday, May 4th, gathered with classmates from the west coast for lunch at One Market Restaurant in San Francisco.  A fun time was had by all (as the saying goes).  Jennie Gerard was the organizer, and was just back from taking care of her first grandson, Ryan, while the second grandson was making a leisurely appearance. A healthy Aiden Paul Steinhour arrived safely.

Left to right, seated: Joan Norris Boothe, Joanne Dephillips, who was in our class freshman year
Standing: Val Demong, (a graduate of Middelbury) who was Ellen Bloch's houseguest, Ellen Varmus Bloch, Jennie Gerard, Sue Keller Beardsley, Susan Crystal Kohn, Martha Teeter, Susan Forbes Martin