mini_eva_club--1-West meets East

In May, Eva Youngstom Knight flew east from Colorado to New England to deliver her husband Bob's legacy checks to Harvard and Yale--and Wellesley. Eva has designated Bob's gift to Wellesley to benefit the College Archives. The need was brought to Eva's attention by Melinda Ponder, who did research in the Archives for her book on Katherine Lee Bates.

And of course Eva took advantage of being on campus to gather a flock of her flamingo friends for lunch at the College Club--where the table napkins at lunch were purple. Upon researching the napkins, Eva learned that the color was in honor of the purple class of 2018. But the flamingo classmates were happy to share our class color with the graduating class.

Left to right: Ann Sizer Smith, Susan Crystal Kohn, Melissa Fox, Bobbie Crumrine, Eva, Jeanne Lindholm Palleiko, Susan Forbes Martin, Melinda Ponder, Anne Hanford