katharineleebates_officeNew stamps honor Katharine Lee Bates

On the Fourth of July, the U.S. Postal Service issued a set of Forever stamps called "O Beautiful." The set consists of 20 different photographs that illustrate phrases from Katharine Lee Bates's famous "America the Beautiful": Spacious Skies, Waves of Grain, Mountain Majesties, The Fruited Plain and Sea to Shining Sea.


Our classmate Melinda Ponder, as author of the most recent biography of Bates, served as a consultant to the graphic design company and wrote the introductory text for the set. The Fourth of July concert of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic was chosen as the occasion for the stamps' debut.

The college website's "Daily Shot" on the Fourth honored the stamps and Katharine Lee Bates and Melinda. You can see the designs at The U.S. Postal Service Releases “O Beautiful” Forever Stamps, Featuring Scenes Inspired by Wellesley Alumna Katharine Lee Bates’ “America the Beautiful”.

And of course keep an eye out for the stamps in your local post office.