ponder_armistice_dayCelebrating Armistice Day and Katharine Lee Bates

One hundred years ago, on November 11, 1918, Katharine Lee Bates, Wellesley class of 1880, Wellesley professor and poet of “America the Beautiful,” joined throngs of people in the streets of Boston to celebrate the Armistice to end World War I.

That day, across the Atlantic, on a hillside near Verdun, France, New England’s Yankee Division soldiers sang her words to celebrate the war’s end.


In remembrance of Armistice Day, Melinda Ponder will present an illustrated lecture in the Library of the Massachusetts State House in Boston. Drawing from the research for her recent book, Katharine Lee Bates: From Sea to Shining Sea, Melinda will discuss how the poet's Cape Cod childhood, her trip up Pike’s Peak, her travels to Spain, and her desire for “brotherhood from sea to shining sea” all enabled her to write the beloved words of hope for our country. The presentation will include  photographs of the Yankee Division soldiers who fought in the Great War.

Boston-area tenor Teddy Crecelius will sing "America the Beautiful."


Date: Wednesday, November 7, 1918

Time: 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

Location: Massachusetts State House, Reading Room of the State Library (Room 341, 3rd floor in the rear of the building) 

24 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02133

Registration (not required): http://mastatelibrary.blogspot.com

The talk is free and open to the public. Melinda will have copies of her book for sale and will be happy to autograph them.

The photographs of the flag and the soldier, both of the 104th infantry regiment of the 26th "Yankee" Division, are courtesy of the State Library of Massachusetts. For more information, see their website.