san_francisco1San Francisco mini

March 5 saw a mini-reunion in San Francisco, organized by Barbara Elden Scavullo and Jennie Gerard, and hosted by Joan Norris Boothe.

Attendees were Joan, Jennie, Barbara Scavullo, Lynn Harrison, Janet Bogardus, Ellen Varmus Bloch, Alice Chiang, Bronwyn Hughes Hall, and Liz Kelley Quigg and Amy Bright Unfried, out-of-town attendees who arranged their travel schedules to be able to join the gathering. Barbara Bywater Creed, who was  part of organizing this gathering, was a late cancellation because of a foot problem.

Here's what some of the attendees had to say about the gathering.

Joan: We began with social time while waiting for attendees to arrive. Then on to lunch -- a simple buffet eaten around the table in my dining room. We remained in the dining room after eating and talked about how reading and other pre-trip preparation fit into our travels. It was originally intended as a sort of structured discussion, but very quickly became free-form, with everyone chiming in at one point or another. Amy Unfried brought  cards and brochures illustrating her current art work. We passed these around with great delight as she described her work and what she's been doing artistically.

Liz: Also people enjoyed reading fiction that took place where they were traveling.

Jennie: Our mini-reunion at Joan’s showed once again how interested we classmates are in one another and how ready we are to get together, especially over lunch. What I’d add to Joan’s account is our evident interest in hearing about current activities. It started with Amy’s photos of her sculpture. Those photos prompted questions about how she casts her bronze pieces, which led to Janet talking about her paintings, followed by Barbara describing how much she enjoyed Janet’s collage class, and ended with Lynn mentioning her photography. A very enjoyable gathering beautifully hosted by Joan who served us a delicious lunch.