mini_dc_mar_2019--1-Mini-reunion at the Kennedy Center

There was an exciting mini-reunion in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

The gathering began in the Kennedy Center Roof Terrace Restaurant for drinks, food and conversation, and was followed by a special cultural event: an 8:00 p.m. performance of modern dance by the Bill T. Jones/Arne Zane Company at the Eisenhower Theater of the Kennedy Center.

Composer for the performances was musician Nick Hallett, son of our classmate, Judy Peller Hallett.  Nick kindly dropped in on the pre-performance gathering and talked with us a bit about his work.  Fascinating stuff.

Thank you to Marji Siegel Greenberg and Judy Peller Hallett for organizing the evening. 

Those who attended (left to right in the lower photo - some of the group missed the sunset photo on the terrace of the Kennedy Center):
Lee Dennison Roussel, Judy Peller Hallett, Heidi Dalzell Finger, Susan Forbes Martin, Carol Wester Yoder, Marjorie Siegel Greenberg, Ann Gilbert Wylie, Helen Buhr, Alice Tepper Marlin.

Judy Mazo attended the performance, but wasn't able to join the pre-performance gathering.