mini_bloch_9_2019_3Bay Area mini

Eleven Bay Area classmates gathered at Ellen Varmus Bloch’s house in Berkeley on September 11 for a potluck lunch and conversation. 

Barbara Eldon Scavullo reported, "We were delighted to greet Joanne dePhillips, who transferred after freshman year.  Others in attendance were (in no particular order): Marion Brenner, Carol White, Browyn Hughes Hall, Linda Gruber, Holly Smith, Janet Bogardus, Jennie Gerard, Barbara Bywater Creed and Barbara Elden Scavullo.  It was a special treat to enjoy Ellen’s home which was designed by Ernest Coxhead, an important early 20th century Bay Area architect.

"We host two-three mini reunions each year, moving around the Bay Area - East Bay, San Francisco, Peninsula.  Our next will be hosted by Barbara Creed on Jamini_bloch_9_2019_1nuary 22 at or near her home in Portola Valley.  For the second year, she will lead us in a discussion of three upcoming Supreme Court cases.  Last year’s discussion was lively and intellectually challenging.  Please join us!  Detailed information will be sent later."

mini_bloch_9_2019_2No one took a picture of the group, but here are some of Ellen's house. The blue and white plates on the plate rack near the ceiling of the dining room are scenes of Wellesley. These plates belonged to Ellen's mother. The front porch, with the view of the front yard through the arch, is where the group had cheese and crackers before lunch.